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The nerves do strange things as they are waking up. The whole ankle/foot has to go through a desensitization process in terms of weight bearing and physical touch. It will desensitize, but it takes time and a little work depending on where your sensory disruption is. Burning isn't uncommon. However, if you are concerned or it just doesn't seem normal (even though, I'm sure you are thinking what IS normal at this point?), I would call your surgeon and let them know just in case. But as Jen explained, there are SO many nerve issues and many different things bc they have to move the nerve in surgery, etc that cause all kinds of sensory disruption. I had some of the burning too, but most of mine was more numbness/tingling. I don't have tingling much anymore (unless something touches my scar just right), but I still have numbness over my 4th toe and at the base of the foot at the 4th toe and I still will have "electrical zaps" when something hits my scar just a shoe or sitting cross legged. My surgery ankle can never again be the bottom leg and of course, that's what feels natural to me. Hang in there, but don't ever hesitate to call your doctor and be sure if there is something that you feel just isn't right!

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