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[QUOTE=charityfb;5396777]Looking to get some advice/info if there is anyone out there that has been in my situation. I fell from a ladder November 30th, falling about 6-8 feet onto a concrete floor. Initially I thought I probably just really bruised my heels. It hurt like hell and I couldn't put my heels down without almost passing out. I was able to walk on my tiptoes with pain, but not nearly as much.
My family convinced me to go see a doctor that day and after xrays showed nothing they did a CT a few days later. All this time I'm thinking I must be the biggest weanie because I still couldn't even lower my heels to the floor without horrible pain!
The CT ended up showing fractures in both heels (2 "cracks" in one and 3 in the other). The Ortho doctor gave me "walking" boots and suggested a wheelchair until I could tolerate being able to walk with the boots. He told me I had "the best case scenario for a broken heel-no joint involvement", so at least I wouldn't need surgery. The bad news I guess is they are both broken!

As of now, 3 weeks after the fall, I still can't walk with the boots on without a lot of pain. Am I being a wimp? How long before I can walk with the boots? And how long before I can walk without?? I don't go back in to see the doc for another week. I'm going nuts![/QUOTE]

Unfortunately you have suffered a very painful injury. You are not being a wimp at all. I broke both heels June 5th and had surgery on both. Wheelchair for 3 months and then a walker and now walking in shoes a 1/2 size bigger than normal due to swelling. Calcaneus fractures are the most painful injury I have ever sustained, worse than my femur. If your doc says you can walk but it hurts, look into using a walker for a few weeks to relieve a bit of pressure on your feet. The duration of wearing the boots and walking normal will be determined by your healing progress and your doc. See if your insurance will cover an Exogen ultrasound bone stim to accelerate the healing process. I had a difficult time wearing two boots since they were bulky and made it difficult to walk. My doc approved me to wear good quality hiking boots that had great ankle support. My fall was 7 months ago and every step I take hurts but it's slowly getting better. Without knowing the extent of your injuries it would be hard to guess at recovery time. However, your fractures aren't bad enough to force you to be non weight bearing so hopefully you need a few weeks for the cracks to heal and the pain should decrease around the same time frame. Good luck with your recovery.

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