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I am so sorry you are having to go through this,,,, we had surgery around the same time so I've read your blogs and been thinking of you, this recovery is so long and hard,,, I just had achilles and calcanealsurgery so not as complicated as your surgery but still been pretty difficult,,

I thought your doc wanted to try removing the hardware? He wants to do a whole other surgery? What about your scar on the top of your foot?

My surgeon sure wasn't a man of many words,, I can't imagine if I had really had to discuss problems with him, sheesh

Hoping for your best,, keep us posted,, we are definitely all here for you.[/QUOTE]

It is so nice to hear from you again! Yes, he wanted to remove my keloid scar and take out the hardware on the top of my foot and that is what lead me to get a second opinion. The second doctor said, oh my what did he do to you. As a tear ran down my face. He said that yes it is an option to cut out the keloid and I showed him pics of my foot and said the scar is bad cuz the incision was terrible and I was not sewed up correctly and that is why I developed the keloid. At that appointment he said that he way over corrected my heel and lengthened my foot way too much and when he fixed my bunion he fused my first metatarsal way too low. He said that I could do a revision, but with that comes possible complications of more nerve damage. Right now my lower back is really bad and it is causing me to have pain down both of my legs. One thing I know for sure is the surgeon that did my surgery is never cutting on this foot again and there is no way I am getting this done to the other foot.

How are you recovering? Did you experience any nerve pain/damage? I sure hope not, as mine is bad. I am taking 1800 mg of neurontin every day to try and help. I am hopeful that the nerves will repair themselves. The whole side of my foot use to have nerve pain and now it is just half, so I am gaining as far as that is considered. Having a hard time finding any shoes that feel somewhat comfortable. What kind of shoes are you wearing and are you able to walk very far or be on your feet long.

Hope you are doing well.

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