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In October I began having foot pain when I was walking which I assumed was plantar fasciitis (which I have had in the past). When it persisted I was seen by a podiatrist who told me it was PTTD, not plantar fasciitis. He injected my foot with a steroid and prescribed a simple ankle brace. We were in the process of moving to another state at the time so I continued walking on the foot after this treatment. Consequently, in February I stepped off a curb and felt a pop and extreme pain in the ankle/foot. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who performed an MRI and diagnosed a completely ruptured PTT. A few days later, I underwent a PTT repair and a calcaneal osteotomy and was discharged home the same day. My surgery was on February 15. I was placed in a large dressing for 2 weeks, followed by a short leg cast. Contrary to many of the other posts I have read on this site, my post surgical pain was minimal, requiring me to take the prescribed pain medication for only a few days. I am now almost 8 weeks post surgery. The cast was removed after 4 weeks and I was placed in a cam walker boot with no weight bearing. I began physical therapy immediately after having the cast removed and have currently had 4 treatments. I was told on the last PT visit I could start partial weight bearing with the aid of a walker. My pain has been minimal to nonexistent up to this point. Today I think I may have overdone my activity a bit because for the first time I am experiencing some pain along the outside of my foot. Not sure if this is an issue so am going to back off my activity level until I see my therapist. The recovery period for this surgery is indeed long and difficult, especially if you are an active individual like myself. I'm really anxious to resume my normal lifestyle but don't want to rush things and set my recovery back. My surgeon told me he thought I would be in a shoe by the end of April which will only be about 10 weeks post op. That's a goal I can definitely live with. My reason for posting this is that prior to my surgery I read several posts by others who had had this procedure done, and to be honest, many of them scared me to death. I am 73 years old and feared that my recovery would be slowed because of age. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised and want to encourage others who might be contemplating this surgery. While everyone heals differently, there's a good chance it might not be as bad as it would seem if you have a good surgeon. I would recommend an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle problems.
It's been almost a week since my last post. During that time my therapist gave me the go-ahead to start bearing full weight as long as I continue to use the boot and the walker. I'm pretty sure I overdid it again because I am having a lot of discomfort over the lateral side of my operated foot. It feels like the boot is causing much 0f the pain but I am continuing to use it. Saw PT today and now am back on partial weight bearing until I see my doctor the end of the month (2 weeks). I'm anxious to get to full weight bearing but don't want to do anything to prolong my recovery. I'm only 8 weeks post op so I guess if you're still having issues at 8 months, I better prepare myself for some set-backs.

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