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back in 2012 I had a brostrum surgery and peroneal repair. I got back to being very active ( long distance endurance athlete). The following year I started having major issues with my foot. I went for a slow run and all of a sudden it felt like I had severely sprained my ankle. I went to several docs including my surgeon and he blew me off. I finally found a doc that was willing to go in with a scope after having 2 mri's. I was putting it off due to work, but by some miracle it was starting to get better. Last year, 2015, I finally was almost normal with slight iritations, but this year I started having issues on the inside of my ankle ( tarsal tunnel). I've had two injections on that side and then the outside of my ankle started bothering me again. I'm a walking nightmare!!!! This sucks so bad. I am scheduled to go back to the doc again for tarsal tunnel and will need to mention I'm having the old issue again which started after getting off the couch. Previously he talked about removing the inside knots/sutures in the foot when doing the scope. Sounds like I may have to have the tarsal tunnel as well. UGHHH! any thoughts?
yikes i have no input on this :( i am at the 2 year mark for my surgery and i have been back doing all my old activities for a long time.

i don't really have any new issues. for me i have a new range of motion since surgery so i adapt my motions. i get the feeling of some tightness side to side and will feel a tugging, grating pain at the end of the range of motion to warn me to back off.

i don't believe i have sprained my ankle or anything like that luckily and the repairs and structure seem just the same since i got out of months of physical therapy.

took a long time for me and the proprioception and that still isn't perfect but i don't really move around scared anymore, i just am carefull and try and attack exercise, etc. head on. i will not play sports hardcore like before, basketball, tennis because i don't have confidence in the foot.

i still get aches that come and go along peroneal nerve path but i can deal with it.

now that my puffiness and swelling has gone down i can feel knots along my incision line.

one thing i noticed is just like after surgery where the surgical area and far beyond got angry with agitation, i think the areas are more likely to flame up if something goes on in that area and it makes my repair area hurt even more or atleast make me think about it. couldn't that be a combination of different anatomy, hardware, scar tissue, etc.?

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