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I had a Cheilectomy with Interpositional Arthroplasty by an ortho surgeon on 5/25/16. There was no cartilage left in the joint. Stitches were removed 11 days later, and there was hardly any swelling or redness probably because I was diligent in keeping the foot elevated and used an Ossur ice machine constantly. I still have a pin sticking out of my big toe which will be removed in 6 more days. I am still mostly keeping my foot elevated and using the ice machine,much of the time.
I don't have much pain, only some nerve twitching which is soothed by the ice. What does concern me is that when I initially stand I
have a burning sensation in my knee which feels like an irritated nerve.
Also, after I am up and sitting in a chair for a length of time, the foot feels heavy and has a pins and needles sensation. I know it is still soon after surgery (19 days) I am just wondering if this is normal or could I have some potential nerve damage. What should my expectations be at this point? Has anyone had a similar experience?

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