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Hi all

I've developed over the past few months a lump on top of my foot on the joint that connects my big toe to my main foot. It's quite painful sort of a dull ache. I've read it could be a motion blocking bone spur, arthritis etc. It started just before xmas 2015 when I wore a new pair of boots to try and break them in for our upcoming vacation to NYC in Feb. The boots were steel toe capped. My job is, I have a lawn care /landscaping business so walking is a major part. Anyway I wore them for approx 2 maybe 3 weeks ( I walk about 5 - 7 miles a day Min). They just didn't feel right and hurt in the exact area of this lump so I threw them aside. Next we went to NYC covered 30 miles on foot in 3 days (diffent pair of boots seemed to start out more comfortable), honestly I was in agony with this toe joint problem but plodded on. The lump wasnít physically apparent then but over the past months has become quite so. The whole joint seems swollen compared to the other foot

Any ideas and advice would be much appreciated. My main concern is surgery as I need to walk for my living and can't be out of action especially this time of year here in Florida with the grass growing like crazy

Many Thanks in advance

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