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Broken heel
Sep 2, 2016
Hi all, I'm new to this site and not sure how to use it tidy.
I have shattered my heel in approx 7 places
I have had no cast plaster nor surgery as adviced due to infection etc. I was told I would not be able to putany weight on it until week 12. At week 8 I started walking only around house though, I am noe week ,10 coming into week 11. I can get about house most days, up and down steps and do most things although other days can't. I have been told its a2 to 3 year healing process which is quite daunting. I push myself to the limit all the time and also been told its a life changing break and will suffer from athiritus in future.
Has anyone got any info. At week eight they showed me some basic physio which tbh I've not really started although my movement is quite good. My walking is getting there with a bad limp but on a positive note I'm way ahead of time. I've read other posts and all seem to have casts etc. Is this normal myself not having anything? Although they have taken imprints. For z special sole to go in shoe. I was also to to putweight on my toes only but find that painful and tend to walk on my heel. It seems everything I've been toldlikw weight on toes hurts more and I'm doing opposite. Has anyone had similar to me.
I feel I am coming along really well to what I've been told although for first 6 to 8 weeks I was in awefull pain and had no one to help doing anything but now adapted to things and can do mist things.
They have also said they may be able to fuse it in 2 to 3 years. At first they said they would operate after 3 weeks and then decided not to as it was to complicated and may get infection. I had not seen the xrays or anything until week four,which I had a great shock as it was in pieces and all seperated. Had I'd seen that earlier I would have taken things more serious. But at week eight it started to look more like a heel born again not like previous
Can anyone give me any advice on things and any longer term complications please. Or if anyone else has had similar with no cast or boot, I've been wearing my own trainers and boots since week 6 or 7 approximately. Some days are worse than others and when going out use both crutches to take most weight off. Early in morning its sore and painful but this gets better as day goes on, I've over done it today so no doubt it will be painful tomorrow but if II push it seems to go. I have had no option in pushing myself as I live alone. Ujust hope this is a positive thing and not doing more damage
I sm waiting to see doctor again.I did tell him I'd been pushing myself. He said to be careful and don't put weight on heel as it will be very uncomfortable. But I find it better when walking with no crutches as apposed to putting weight on toes
Re: Broken heel
Sep 5, 2016

I have heard of several Heelies having no cast over the years, so there might be times when that is the best choice. If you can get up and down stairs at this point, you are well ahead of average. The consensus has been that at one year you can manage most normal activities and after that get back to using ladders or running distances. We usually start weight bearing at 12 weeks and work on range of motion for the foot a lot.Then putting weight on the heel is the first big obstacle. It could be that without your heel slowing you down you are on the front of your foot uncomfortably sooner than others. I am an advocate of pushing yourself but always with the doctor's approval. Look up passive range of motion exercises for the foot and ones using therabands and towels. Also weight bearing exercises such as knee bends. Then ask your doc how much is OK. It wouldn't hurt to call if the next appointment is not soon.

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