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Hello. I'm a 35 year old female, frustrated by my doctor's lack of response to the symptoms I'm experiencing.

Six months ago I started to experience crushing fatigue, to the point that my life can be unmanageable at times.

About four months ago I realized that everytime I sat or lied down, when I got back up walking is very difficult and I limp around. The top have of my body feels disconnected from the bottom half, like they are not in sync. My feet seem to naturally stand in a weird position that makes the limping worse. After limping around for a few min, I can walk normally again.

I am experiencing shooting pain through my legs. It is not muscle soreness like you get after working out, but sharp, shooting pain that goes away and come back in waves. I don't feel it specifically in my joints.

My feet are in constant, weird pain, as if bruised deep inside of them. When I step down, my bones feel too weak to hold my weight and I have to hold on to things around me to get around. After walking for a bit, I stop limping but the foot pain doesn't stop ever now.

I also have noticed that I drop almost everything I hold in my hand. My phone screen is cracked all over from dropping it. If someone tries to hand me something small, I drop it every time. I am constantly bending down to pick up a dropped item.

Last weird symptom is extreme debilitating brain fog. This has been going on for a couple years and I am not sure if it's related.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. I'm getting lab work down for Lyme disease and myasthenia gravis tomorrow but I don't think it's either.

Thank you!!

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