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I want to be clear, this is about MY case and doesn't mean it would be this bad for anyone else. My surgery went from simple to major and I had no idea that could happen. I had no idea cadaver bones would be used, I had no idea pins, wires and screws... But, what was done couldn't be undone and now I'm stuck with this horrible recovery. I have a bad back, bum shoulder and two knee replacements. I have my other foot that has the same problems and would need to be done also. All things combined I am discouraged, disappointed, and depressed.
The pain has been overwhelming. It seems each day at this point is different. Some days are extremely painful, some are tolerable. I am still not able to stand full weight for more than a few minutes. I am still not able to wear shoes although I did buy sneakers a size bigger and get some better walking with those - but still painful in the heel. I also tried short UGGs which are like pillows. Getting them on is fine, getting them off is another story! Even taking pants off seems to cause this incredible cracking on the outside of my foot, almost like the bones are breaking and getting it to calm down is excruciating. Seems no matter what I do I can't get relief. I go to Pt and by the time I get home my foot is twice the size and extremely painful. At this point I'm ready to give up. The incision in my calf actually looks like a hole! When taking off shoes or anything that causes the foot to bend also causes a pull in the calf muscle - more pain. My knees are not at all happy, one the surgical leg and one because I'm putting so much weight to compensate. Now have to go back to knee surgeon to see if any damage was done on either.
For me this has been the most painful and depressing time of my life (I'm 61 years old). I went from happy and active to miserable and exhausted. I can't do anything I did before and was JUST told recovery would be 6 months to 1 year. I can't sleep well, my foot goes numb constantly. I can't be active due to the pain, especially in the heel. I live in New England and we have lots of bad weather right now - again limited. Hard to keep balance on normal surfaces, never mind ice and snow! I walk with a limp, I walk in pain, I cry all the time. My toes are not where they should be, more my big toe. I have a lump on the top of my foot where the pins and cadaver bones are. I have VERY long incisions especially on the inside of my foot - goes from just under
big toe all the way up to my ankle. My experience with this has been miserable and I can see the toll it has taken in my face. I can feel what it has done to the rest of my body. I don't know when or if it will ever get better. I am sad and totally disgusted. I wouldn't do this again if my life depended on it.

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