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Hello everyone. I too am new. I have a lot of experience with foot surgeries. I am a high school teacher and suppose that is why-after 30 years on your feet, they wear out!

I was told at the first appt that I had a hallux valgus and a bipartite sesamoid. The first surgery was a bunionectomy and they removed the sesamoid bones (bipartite) closest to the bunion (outside. I can't ever remember the medical term for the ones closest to the bunion vs the ones on the inside). That surgery went fine with the exception of getting infected at the incision. Final recovery was outstanding...i wore high heels again for a short time. Shoes didn't hurt anymore :)

Then, the other foot began aching in the bottom, center under my big toe. I had no idea what was wrong and began to do research. It hurt fiercely and it didn't matter what kind of shoes I wore. I knew that there was a problem. I had an MRI and was found to have swelling right around the inside sesamoid. It was sitting on a nerve and this posed a problem for some surgeons. I changed doctors, refusing to go to the first surgeon after the infection fiasco and his horrible attitude. The second doctor told me that during my consult that he could not help me-the surgery was too tricky given the placement of the nerve. He told me to wear a boot and hope it would go away. HA!

I decided to go directly to the top and chose the head of the group, a renowned surgeon that also operated on my sister's feet. I definitely made the right decision. I am now 19 days out and feel wonderful. Yes, it still hurts, but I can walk a bit, move my big toe, have NO Swelling, and am looking forward to recovery. I do have a bit of numbness around my big toe and second toe as a result of the work done around the nerve. The bones were diseased/distentegrated the doctor said. They crumbled after he took them out. I was very glad to have chosen the surgery and the surgeon. I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have.

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