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[QUOTE=Pheslie;5461527]Hi Laura. How are you doing? I have been pretty much pain free the last few days except for at night. I feel fine by day in my boot but at night I feel like my ankle swells and is pressing up against it. Tonight I tried talking an ibuprofen and iced and it feels better so far. I am 3 weeks post op and lost my balance and put my foot down. Not a lot of weight but still it frightened me. I don't feel any pain but I became so worried. I searched the board and found a post by you about your first surgery and you too put your foot down at 3 weeks! No pain but definitely totally freaked out by it!!!![/QUOTE]

Oh my gosh, putting weight accidentally on my foot really did freak me out! And this time, even though I remembered my Dr telling me 4 yrs ago that the cast (and boot) are pretty protective, I still got scared when I put weight on it! Now I am walking in my boot without any help from a crutch. I've also tried standing and then walking without the boot (nope, I am not supposed to do that, but I was curious to see how it felt). I only walk a few steps around the house. I also find it scary because I can't seem to do it without throwing my weight to the outside of my foot. I am subconsciously protecting the area of my bunionectomy. It just feels so strange,my big toe and everything around it is numb, and it tingles when I bear weight on it. The 2nd toe acts like it's glued to my big a magnet! If I move my big toe, the next toe does the exact same movement and I can't control it. I guess the Dr has to tell me if that's normal. I have my next post op visit in 8 days. Supposed to get rid of the boot and start physical therapy. I'm looking forward to that, actually, because I have limited range of motion, so I know physical therapy will help with that.
For sleeping at night....are you wearing a compression stocking on your sx foot and leg? I hated them at first, but I am wearing one all day when I work and sleep. Works great for me to control a lot of the swelling. Maybe you could try that? Do you elevate your leg while you sleep? I slept in a recliner the first 5 weeks after surgery and kept my leg elevated all night. Still do that every night while watching TV. Ice and elevation are your best friends for a long time yet!

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