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Hi everyone,

I have had problems with subluxation of the peroneus brevis tendon since december last year, following an ankle inversion trauma. I haven't had an MRI, but supposedly the superior retinaculum is torn (I felt a sharp pain at the site of the SPR during the injury) and there is also possibly tears/damage to the tendon. I saw my OS in february, who said that sometimes the subluxations will stop spontaneously, so she didn't want to operate just yet.

In the beginning, it would only sublux occasionally, about 2-3 times a week. Now the tendon clicks with every step I take (I don't think this is "real" subluxations as it doesn't hurt, but I can see the tendon move. Maybe it doesn't go completely over the edge of the malleolus, only out of the groove?) and sublux far more often than before. The subluxations are very painful and I can also make it dislocate at will, by everting my foot. The last weeks I've also gotten more pain just with walking (even when it doesn't sublux - tendonitis?) and I'm very tender in the tendon area.

So now I'm considering surgery to fix this, but I'm a bit hesitant as I had a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction (modified Broström, I think) only a year ago. I have no instability issues even after my tendon injury, so that surgery has been successful.

I'm wondering if anyone know the success rates for this kind of surgery? And recovery time? I guess that depends a little on what kind of surgery (only SPR reattachment vs. groove deepening/bony block etc.) and how damaged the tendon is. How is the recovery compared to ligament reconstrucion? I think I had a very fast recovery with Broström - NWB for 2 days, then PWB in a fiberglass cast with crutches for about a week, then FWB with a cast shoe for 5 weeks. Then into a athletic ankle brace and starting PT. Returned to sports about 5 months post op. Will a peroneal tendon surgery take longer to recover from? Is there a chance I will be able to participate in sports on a high level again?
Sorry to hear you're having more troubles with your ankle. I had a Brostrom repair surgery in Aug 2016 and had an easy recovery compared to some other experiences I've read on here. I was immediately placed in an aircast boot and allowed weight bearing as tolerated. I spent about 5 days on crutches, 1 crutch for a few days and walking after 2 weeks. I only spent about 3 1/2 weeks in the boot total and was placed into a soft brace from there out.

With that said, I just had my retinaculum, peroneal brevis tear repaired, and peroneal groove deepening done in April 2017. This surgery has been much harder for me by far. Again, I was immediately placed into a boot, used crutches for about 4 weeks, then 1 crutch, and now at 7 weeks I am walking without assistance (but certainly not far or pain free). I was expecting this surgery to go about the same as my last but I was wrong.

I see my Dr tomorrow, and fingers crossed, I will be coming out of the boot. I can already notice at physical therapy that my repair has held and my tendon is not snapping when do my exercises. I hope this is a great sign and as I begin to walk and resume normal activities it will continue to function properly.

For me, the surgeries were absolutely worth it because I live an active lifestyle and these injuries were significantly holding me back from enjoying them. I tried every conservative treatment before each surgery, including cortisone shots, and nothing else worked.

Best of luck!

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