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my procedure is in my signature.

i started rehab within a couple weeks of surgery which started out slow. i was lucky and ended up getting like 3 months total. by the end of rehab i was far from done though :(

i was taken out of the splint by the time i got my stitches out and we used the boot and i was allowed to walk around the house which i did surprisingly. i increased stamina daily but you could tell you weren't ready i was warned to watch out as things have to heal the first couple months.

i was put in my shoe with a lace up brace at just under 2 months. lack of range of motion, aches and pains and i got tired very fast BUT i was surprised that i fit into my shoe and i could do it pain wise with full weight.

it took me a while to build up strength but each week was progress. i was paranoid and had to look down at my foot all the time because of the proprioception. i started to hardcore hike at around 6 months and things held up BUT i still had to watch where i planted my foot. i would find myself starting to turn my ankle sometimes and not reacting and letting it bounce off the repairs.

took me about a year to get to where i would walk around barefoot and consider my new normal.

to this day i get achy days. i get nerve pain along the peroneal path. also not sure if its normal but my range of motion is now limited by pain and a raking like feeling deep inside that lets me know to stop. makes me cringe and i think its mesh from the operation.

i will never be normal but i function well i have to pay attention to what im doing. i wear high top light hiker shoes secure well all the time. i can never go full bore out darting around, playing basketball, etc. for fear of turning something. i still do lots of other old activities and pay attention just not full out.

since i have seen pro stars use braces i carry around the brace stephen curry wears since he has had ankle problems before. but i rarely use it. if i was doing something sketchy i wouldnt hesitate.

considering the shape i was in before surgery it was a no brainer and im happy overall. i have this bad feeling that the injury will lead to another bad fall if i make it to old age.

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