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Hi Boston D
I was compelled to actually sign up and respond to your post. It tugged on my heart strings reading about your current situation. I am 8 weeks now NWB after having two surgeries 5 weeks apart. This would be number 4&5 for me with the first surgery due to the initial accident that started this hell for me 3 years ago. I was an avid hiker, ice skater, dragon boater, cross country skier, snow shoeing, mountain biking etc. Today I have nothing.
I feel as though my surgeon is one of the best Ortho surgeons here in Canada. Her work on foot reconstruction is well known in her field and every rating I read about her from past patients is 5 star all the way. It is hard when we are in the throws of pain to have faith sometimes in what has been done to us. I get it! What I appreciate about my doctor is her thoroughness. She wants me on pain killers as appropriately needed, she wants me on ASA for 6 weeks daily after each surgery, she wants me on daily calcium, vitamin D, and 1000-1500 cc of vitamin C. But the one drug I never see mentioned on here and maybe I have missed it, is Gabapentin 300 mg, with a gradual increase to three times daily for a few months. This drug is known originally to treat seizure disorders but now more than ever it used to treat nerve pain caused by surgical trauma. Nerve disruption and even damage can cause significant pain. If you think your pain is indeed that of your nerves it may be something you can discuss with your GP or surgeon about doing a trial on to see if there is any notable relief.
Trust me when I say people get it, people understand, but it's hard at times to read about others fighting depression when you yourself are doing the same. The answers are found better in your local area though support groups at your hospital maybe? I don't pretend to have those answers, just know it is bad right now but hopefully as you continue to try and find something that works for you, things will look brighter in even a few more months. Virtual hug to you !!

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