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I've only just discovered this site and have already found some really interesting information.
I fell 4 meters off a ladder (dumb) May 2017 landing on my left heel and crushed my calcaneus and other damage. The ED staff were great, x-rayed, CT scanned and referred me to a terrific fracture surgeon.
After waiting a week for some of the swelling to go down he operated with a lateral open procedure and used 15 screws and a plate to realign it all. After 3 weeks the wound wasn't closing satisfactorily and had three more surgeries to debride & restitch, but was discovered with an infection so had to start IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.
I'm now 9 weeks post and about to cease NWB. The incision is healing well, but the IV continues for a few more weeks.
I have some questions for those who have been through this before.
Despite all this time of elevation and wriggling toes etc, I still have quite a bit of swelling in the foot and was wondering whether some sort of compression sock would help?
I have some peripheral neuropathy in my toes from previous chemo, but am also numb in the heel and less feeling in the rest of the foot. I'm assuming with the large incision that many nerves were damaged but am wondering how long before closer to normal feeling might return?
As I'm about to start weight bearing I've been playing with my foot down. I'm pretty comfortable with pressure on the front of the foot, but am really uncomfortable with any pressure on the heel. I'm assuming that the calcaneus bone may still be bruised and the pad somewhat flattened, but I'm struggling to see how (even with a soft soled shoe) that I might be able to put some weight on it?
My main interest in life is riding my horses, and I'm not sure how long it might be before I could contemplate using my left foot & ankle in the stirrup to mount my horse again?
Any advice from those who have been through this before would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there
I am 13 weeks into recovering from hitting a wall right heel first at 130 mph! Defo not to be recommended. What you're describing seems pretty norm as does the jumpers informative response. The pain thing is all very personal because pain thresholds vary so much. i started driving a week ago with no ill effects.
My foot is very much out of shape, i've not had surgery at ll, it's swollen all the time, not as bad in the morning but truly elephantine by the end of the day. i've carried on walking so elevation has not been possible until i get home when i ice pack for an hour or so
I was NWB until a couple of weeks ago, i can now walk limited distance/time entirely unaided but if i am walking any distance i take a crutch to assist using it good leg side which saves the hip twist which hurts me as i still have a bruised hip,
Good luck, keep your chin up :-)

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