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Hi there
I am 13 weeks into recovering from hitting a wall right heel first at 130 mph! Defo not to be recommended. What you're describing seems pretty norm as does the jumpers informative response. The pain thing is all very personal because pain thresholds vary so much. i started driving a week ago with no ill effects.
My foot is very much out of shape, i've not had surgery at ll, it's swollen all the time, not as bad in the morning but truly elephantine by the end of the day. i've carried on walking so elevation has not been possible until i get home when i ice pack for an hour or so
I was NWB until a couple of weeks ago, i can now walk limited distance/time entirely unaided but if i am walking any distance i take a crutch to assist using it good leg side which saves the hip twist which hurts me as i still have a bruised hip,
Good luck, keep your chin up :-)

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