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Hi everyone,
I am writing to whoever wants to help me bring some light to my situation.
So my story begins with sometime last year 2016 i went to the doctor and he said i had to get an MRI done before he could do anything to help me so i did. He said i had plantar fibroma in my right big toe so we decided on surgery to take the shredded tissue out. The first surgery went well and i was able to be on my foot again without any pain or so i thought until less then a year fast forwarding to this year i started having bad pain in my toe again. I went back to the same doctor and he studied my foot even further and found out that my right toe bone was bigger then the other or so he said (why he didn't notice the first time i have no idea) which was why it was causing a massive amount of pressure on my right big toe. He then talked about my options which were physical therapy and orthotics but then he mentioned and also recommended a TOE FUSION which he described to me as something that would fix the problem and get me on my way back to life and work without any other problems. So the doctor then asked what i wanted to do and said the other options probably wouldn't work so i naturally answered well i've already been through one surgery for the same thing and i don't really want to mask the problem i want to take care of it. To make a long story short it has been 4 months after my surgery in April on the 19th and I can not be on my feet for longer then a few hours until my toe starts hurting a lot. I have been to two doctors since and they both said the x-rays show my bone is fused solid. Ok so if it is fused solid then why do i have sharp pain in my toe? Some of you guys might mention its because of the screws and pin that were used to fuse the bone. The doctor that did my surgery said sometimes patients do get inflammation from the screws so i got a second opinion because i no longer trusted the first doctor. My new doctor has determined that i need to get a CAT scan to see if the bone really did fuse all the way even though the x-rays show it did. On top of the sharp pain i now have a very painful bump under my big toe to the right side which my new doctor said that needs to be addressed because that could be from when the old doctor cut the joint bone out when he fused your toe. What??? At this point i have very little hope and i trust doctors even less now. Please can anyone shed any light to this ???

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