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I think I had an unusually easy recovery compared to many others. Maybe partly because I was so young (18 years old) at the time of surgery. Anyway, here's my answers to your questions.

1. I was put in a circular fibreglass cast right after the surgery and was allowed weight bearing as tolerated immediatly after the surgery. Stayed NWB for maybe three days, then PWB with crutches for about a week, and then FWB. I could walk completely normally with the cast (the nurses were surprised with how easy I walked) and I didn't lose too much calf muscle. Actually a walked so much that my cast broke - got a large hole so my heel would stick out and it cracked over the ankle, so I had to fix it with tape :p . When the cast got off after 6 weeks I walked pretty much normally. Of course the ankle felt weak in the beginning and I might have wlaked with a slight limp the first few days, I don't really remember. Of course I had some pain afterwards, but not so much that it would affect my gait noticably.

2. Not bad at all. The foot would throb and sometimes there were a sharp pain at the incision area, but not in any way intolerable. The first few days it would only hurt bad when I forgot that my foot was in a cast and by mistake put all my weight on it when I got up from the bed... Don't do that ;) . I got some pain meds prescribed (500mg Kodein if I remember correctly, to be taken four times a day for two weeks. However, I got very nauseous from the medicine so I stopped taking it after two days or so. As I didn't notice any increase in pain, I did'nt ask for a prescription of some other substance, but stopped completely with pain killers. But then again, I think my recovery is of an exception. Most people seem to have a lot more pain than I had.

3. I dit undergo PT sessions regularly for about three to four months. However, PT in the US seems to involve massage, ultrasound, and even acupuncture. Where I live PT usually is simple balance, stretching and strength excercises to help regain full strength, ROM and proprioception. I did the excercises at home ecery day and had follow ups with my PT.

4. The cast were below the knee. I think this is the most common.

5. I never had a boot, just a fibre glass cast with a cast shoe. Then into a soft athletic brace which I wore all my waking hours for two weeks, and after that only for PT/excercising.

6. Hard to say, as I still experience discomfort due to an subluxing peroneal tendon... I think I would be pain free though, weren't it for that injury. I don't think my current pain has anything to do with the Broström surgery.

7. Yes, I think so. My ankle is completely stable and never rolls anymore, even with the current tendon injury (that I will have surgery on in a week). Before the surgery it gave out frequently, even when just walking on flat ground.
[QUOTE=Newsy1;5466220]I'm scheduled to have a brostrom procedure next month at the Mayo Clinic. I'll be honest, I'm nervous about it. I have had problems with ankle instability for at least 15 years. Ever 12 to 24 months, my ankle will go e out on my while I'm doing ordinary activities. It results in a serious fall. (I've broken bones and had serious contusions.) A physician diagnosed me as a candidate for a Brostrom 10 years ago. But I've been putting it off. Who wants to be laid up for an extended period? I want to know what to expect from the proceedure. Here are my questions tions:
1. How long did it take before you were able to walk normally after the surgery?
2. How would you describe the post surgery pain level.
3. Did you undergo physical therapy?
4. Was your I initial cast over the knee or below the knee?
5. How easy was it to get around with the boot?
6. At what point did you experience no discomfort when walking.
7. If you had it to do over again, would you have the proceedure done?[/QUOTE]

I had bilateral instability, but also had fractured left ankle so we decided to bromstrom when we went in on left. It was great, my left was nice and stable, until I got into car and Driver started to move car and it caused repair to fail, about 8 months later. Had a revision and ankle felt stable, but had pain due to subluxation of peroneal tendon and stress reactions. Revision failed about 5 months later and had chrisman snook done where they found that I had a significant tear in peroneal tendon that never showed up on mri and may have been cause of second failure. Right ankle failed bromstrom right away never felt stable, when cast came off. Surgeon said he never had this happen before, but had chrisman snook and now ankle stable.

1. Except for my right ankle bromstrom I was walking normally in 3 months.

2. Pain was bad 1 few days after surgery, after a week I had hardly any need for pain meds and by 2 weeks I did not need are all.

3. I had about 3 months pt after each surgery. I had tried pt after bromstrom but it did not help.

4. Surgical splint 2 weeks, 4 weeks Below knee cast, NWB for 6 weeks.

5. Boot was not hard to get around, I was PWB for 2 weeks then transitioned to FWB.

6. My left ankle I experienced discomfort due to subluxation after bromstrom, but no pain. After chrisman snook, I had no discomfort after 3 months. My right I have discomfort because of posterior tibial tendon issue, but nothing because of surgery.

7. Because the bromstrom was working so well on left ankle until trauma, I would have done it again. The right ankle no I would not have done it again after experience with left, would have gone straight to chrisman snook. It was discussed but decided against, my surgeon felt bad when he had to go in again, but it was mutual decision. But now I had 2 stable ankles and I never fall, I used to fall all the time. That's what years of sprains playing sports when young can do. The other day I stepped on cat toy and I was like in the past I would have fallen and now I don't. So although my case is unusual I am happy with end results. I can finally finish my masters in social work this year, needed medical leave last year because of right ankle issues, school was not helpful when it came to internship.

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