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You sound pretty optimistic which is great. I can tell you there will be some challenging times but the more positive you can stay, the better. No surgery sounds great, as there is a lot of damage that goes into the invasive surgery they typically do.
1) I'm not sure what you mean by maintain strength for 8 hour days. I went back to work when I was still in a wheel chair (I broke both) and it just took some adjustment. Are you asking if you'll be able to stand that long? I wouldn't count on it. Try to arrange your situation so that you can sit as often as you need and you will build strength as you push yourself.
2)For boredom, I watched movies and shows, played games and read books. It's still important to go out and about to socialize a bit too. I couldn't seem to find the energy to exercise but it is important and could take away some of the boredom.
3) I found tons of exercises I could've done by googling broken ankle exercises. They will show you variations to work out without putting weight on your foot. Since the injury, I cannot run but I started exercising by doing power yoga. Now I bike, lift weights and do yoga (I'm now 13 months from my original injury).

I was never in a hard cast but for a few days initially so I can't answer what it was like to switch. When you remove the airboot and put weight on your feet, your heel will be tender but in the long run, I had way more pain in the ankle and foot muscles than the heel bone. After I could bear weight, I still wore the air boots for about 3-4 weeks. I used a walker for about 2 of these, especially for distances. This is probably a much worse case since I shattered both heels and damaged the subtalar joint that Zerk mentions. It definitely takes time to build back strength in your feet and legs and it can be quite painful. Give yourself rest days as needed to recover and you will see major progress in the first few months. At time your progress will plateau and then suddenly you will notice progress again.

Good shoes will become very important. I am a teacher and so I need to be on my feet for much of the day. I found good clogs (ABEO) with good support and structure which allow me to walk and stand without building up pain throughout the day. I also take Aleve daily to minimize joint inflammation but I don't think that will be an issue for you.

I hope this helps and hang in there. :)

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