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I'm about 2 weeks away from surgery on my very flat left foot. I have been flat footed my whole life with the left always being the worse. Unfortunately, that foot really suffered when my right foot suffered a severe 5th metatarsal break that required surgery a couple years ago. Within this last year, I have experienced sporadic nerve pain, random numbness that causes my foot to fall out from under me.
I know this surgery could be a life changer for me, but the nerves are definitely getting to me. My surgeon has a plan that will involve moving my heal over and possibly lenghthening a calf tendon...he mentioned a few more possibilities once he opened me up, but I don't remember all the medical terms he used. I have a pre-op appointment next week were I plan to take more notes.
Has anyone on here survived this type of surgery with a positive outcome?[/QUOTE]

I had been flat footed all my life until I came across a man who studied body mechanics, who worked at a gym I used to go to. As flat footed as I was, I was very athletic and then all of a sudden, my weakness in the feet caught up to me. I have been working with this man for quit some time and now have beautiful arches. If I were you, I would get into some strengthening exercises such as yoga and do some exercises at home before I would let someone cut into me. Yes, I had numbness in one foot, which is now gone. I also had horrible bunions, which are pretty much gone due to the work he has done and I have followed through with. I had a surgeon tell me years ago that I had the worst feet he had ever seen. If he saw them, today, he would not say that. If your hips are weak, it will effect your walk, your arches and the list goes on. Personally, I would run from any dr. who would want to do such drastic surgery as this man has suggested to you. Orthotics are the worst things for you because they keep the weakness there and, yes, I wore them for years until this man told me to throw them out.

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