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43 Female. Flat Feet = hurt all my life. I have been to tons of feet docs who look at my feet and say "oh ****" then throw inserts at me. Finding the right doc is hard but worth it. I was referred to mine by a friend who had some work done and had great results.

He was the first to give me options and one of them being surgery. Told me point blank it will suck but it will be life changing.

Feb 9, 2018 I had major flat feet surgery. Broke some bones to straighten my ankle, combined some tendons to help the damaged ones and to lift my arch and did something to release me calf. **we don't talk details because broken bones make my tummy turn over and the broken bone stuff he did was kinda major**.

I have hurt all my life and it had started to mess with my knees and hips. I could see myself in 10-15 years in a recliner not wanting to do anything in life because it would hurt. This surgery and my future right foot surgery is going to improve my quality of life...I just know it.

So you need to find your perfect doc. You need to ask anyone and everyone in your area if they have a good one. You might visit 5 before finding the right one but those co-pays will all be worth it. Now ask me how you will know if you find the perfect will just least I did.

Good luck. And if you happen to live in Austin, TX boy do I have a referral for you.

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