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I didn't experience, because my foot was the least of my injuries. But it does get brought up how people don't understand why the heal bone takes longer to heal than other broken bones.

The analogy I have heard is it is like flattening an orange. It just doesn't heal up.

At one year, I was not working on ladders. At one year I was getting towards the end of recovery though. But I think I had some slow gains after that too.

Problem is, the pain comes with use. One of the hard things for me, is taking days off from hard work. Day after day, really makes it bad.

I still limp a bit, if I don't focus on it. I really don't care. Some people are very sensitive to it, and one of the first questions you see on here often, is will I have a limp. I am worried about function and how much pain I will have. I am fairly active. But my job is not physical. I am a ladders a bit, but the hard part I have is standing on concrete or walking across big job sites. Most of jobs are not in huge areas. Once in awhile I work in a plant, and that can be very hard.

You might want to try icing it a few times a day. Surprising how much ice helps.

Working on ladders, I can't imagine doing much after work. When I have hard days, buy the end of them, I am just sitting in my recliner.

Not all doom and gloom though. I do everything I still want to do. About the only thing I wouldn't do, that I used to was go to a concert where I had to stand. Fairs can be hard to. But if you make yourself take breaks, they can be fine. I cut firewood, hunt, snowmobile, and ride touring bikes. I do watch where I park more than I used to. I can't push back as good. I lost ROM. I can't stand on my toes, on that side, or push off much.

I doubt I will ever go on some big hunt in the wilderness, like I have dreamed of. But even before this I was not hiking more than few miles. Though there are horses.
I am in Wisconsin.

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