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Tips on Arch Pain
Mar 30, 2018
So I am pretty much at a loss of what to do. I am a little over 3 months post op from my most third ankle surgery in the last 4 years which included fibular groove deepening, cadaver tendon replacement, removal of an extra tendon, and a longus to brevis tendon transfer (to try and solve burning arches). I am just a couple of weeks left of PT and I am still having issues with my burning arches to the point where I can not finish any one of my exercising without having to stop to give my arches a break because they knot up and burn so bad. It makes me so frustrated because everything else has healed perfectly, I have full stability and no pain in the ankle but the arch pain is taking away from that.

Does anyone have any great advice on how to help arch pain?? I have tried everything and just donít know what to do to have a happy foot again. I explain my issues to my pt and he just says to stretch it and not to worry about it because the pain is in both feet (it is worse on my surgical side)

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