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[QUOTE=Almanor;5488611]Hi TJ618. Hope it's going better for you at work and that wearing a shoe is getting easier. Glad to hear you like your PT. My Dr said I probably won't require PT. I found that to be strange. I guess we'll see after surgery.
Also, did you have a popliteal block with your surgery, and if so, how long did it last?
Surgery is Tues and I can't wait to get it over with.:)[/QUOTE]

Hi Almanor. Tuesday will be here before you know it:) I did have a block, and mine lasted somewhere between 24-36 hours. I started taking pain meds about 4 hours after I got home because I didn’t want to wait until the block wore off completely- Dr. said much better to stay ahead of the pain rather than to play ‘catchup’. And evidently the amount of time the block lasts can vary considerably, so I wanted to play it cautiously and keep the pain in check:)
Hmm, I find it strange as well that Dr. told you that you won’t require PT. But I guess you can address that when the time comes.

Wearing a shoe is definitely getting more comfortable. PT is really helping with helping me adjust how I am walking. Wearing a cast and then boot and keeping your foot/ankle/calf immobile does a number on muscles and tendons- even though it is very necessary for good bone healing. I need to work on my hip movement as well as my ankle and foot. Control of my ankle and foot movements is also a work in progress. Strengthening is next on the list. My limping is more a factor of incorrect compensatory movements of my hip/knees/ankle, then of pain from heel surgery:)

I rode my bike in sunny, beautiful weather today for about an hour~ it felt unbelievable! And great exercise without the stress of full weight bearing on my rehabbing foot!
I am completely happy that I had this surgery👍👍

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