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[QUOTE=yayagirl;5495235]Dear fizzle

Aren't crocs made of rubber? To me crocs are not soft enough.
Try soft leather or fabric slippers on your foot to find out what size to buy. Try the slipper/shoe on your sore foot. If you need to, wear a slipper on the sore foot and a shoe on the other foot to protect the sore body part. I have found soft leather moccasins work great.

Everyone has their own unique experience as to swelling and pain and orthotic requirements, so what others need won't affect what you need to do. If you think orthotics may help ask your doctor, and esp if the doc says to use them do use them.

As long as your foot is swollen you likely need to spend a significant amount of time with your foot raised above your heart in order to reduce the swelling. Keeping your foot down too much can keep the swelling going on en extended amount of time. It is different for each person, and depends on how well you take are of the foot.[/QUOTE]

Did you also have a little discomfort on the top of your foot and the feeling of a small ball on the bottom foot between the big toe and pointer toe

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