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To cadewoman247
Nov 28, 2003
Originally posted by cadewoman247 on 11/25/03:
"I am not sure how to use this board but I was looking on the net for bunion surgery that has gone bad and I found this site. I had bunion surgery on my left foot on Jan. 17,03 and I am still in alot of pain. I am in a walking boot and have been in and out of cast,wheel chairs. Changed Dotors, and now he wants to put me back in a cast because I keep breaking my ankle it has been broke 4 times sense March. My Doctor now told me the there was to much bone taken out. The first doctor just laugh at me as if it was funny. I lost my job becuase of this and can not go get a new one and the doctor laughs. Sorry to hear that there are so many people that have had bad surgeries but I am glad that I am not alone anymore. I am tried of this now before my doctor does the recorrective surgery I have to go into a cast to heal the ankle and if it breaks again number 5 then he will do the surgery. That means I will be in a wheel chair for 3 to 4 months more. The first Doctor lied in his reports that I got from him and told me he will stand up in court and say he did it right, and I sign who said anything about court I just want to walk again. He wanted to do the recorrective surgery but would not tell me why and I didn't trust him anymore.
Thanks for listening"

Hi cadewoman247,
I wanted to welcome you to to this forum. I am sorry to hear that you have had so many foot problems. It is ridiculous for you to still be having pain from a surgery back in January and your 1st doctor sounds like an uncaring and arrogant jerk! I don't know if you read about my problems with previous foot surgeries for bunions (which is probably several pages back by now) but I can certainly relate to botched up surgeries and continued pain.

Whatever you do, don't let the 1st doctor ever touch your foot again! I am afraid I let my previous doctor string me along for too long with various treatments that weren't helping my pain and the last time I saw him, he asked me if I had returned to work and I simply told him I was a homemaker now and he made a comment about my life of leisure! That made my blood boil but I just let that one go. Homemaker done right does not equal life of leisure! Especially when you are in constant pain that intensifies with increased activity. Besides that, I would like to return to fulltime employment. I miss the socialization but I couldn't see seeking employment as long as I keep needing to be off for extended periods of time for foot surgeries. I would just end up losing the job like you did so I am hoping my new doctor can get things well with my foot so I can move on with my life and get this all behind me.

Anytime you need to vent or if you just want to talk about your foot problems or surgery, please do so. I plan to be around here for awhile. I am 11 days post-op from surgery on my right foot and will be having more "salvage surgery" on my left foot next year. BTW, if you want to post a new thread of your own instead of a reply to an existing thread, click on the new topic button instead of reply and give your thread a subject. Just play around with the options and you will get the hang of it. I am still trying to figure out how to get the smilies to show up in my post. Take care and hope to hear from you again!

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