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[QUOTE=CJBermuda]Hello Fairieswearboots,

I found the surgical procedure that I was talking about (toe lift). Below, is it the same thing as what you had??

a metatarsal osteotomy can be used. An osteotomy is a surgical fracture in
the metatarsal bone to raise the metatarsal head up and away from the ground.


[COLOR=Magenta]Hi CJ,
What you found on toe lift surgery is what I thought it was and it is what I had done except my metatarsal osteotomy was to remove about 4 mm of bone to shorten the metatarsal as opposed to raising the metatarsal head up and away from the ground. My surgeon then used the bone she removed as a bone graft to fuse the PIP joint in my 2nd toe. I had a hammertoe which exerted downward pressure on the 2nd metatarsal head which contributed to the pain. My previous doctor attempted to fuse that joint but removed too much bone from the ends of the 2 bones so they were never touching and thus never fused. Also, my 2nd metatarsal was too long in relation to my 1st metatarsal because my previous doctor removed too much bone from my 1st metatarsal when he did a bunionectomy procedure so my 2nd metatarsal head was doing most of the work and receiving most of the weight when I walked.

I don't know that the 2nd metatarsal head was lowered towards the ground but it was receiving a lot of downward pressure from the still unfixed hammertoe and from much of my body weight when I walked since most of my weight was concentrated on that one metatarsal head. My new doctor also shaved off some bone from the bottom of the 2nd metatarsal head to further relieve pressure from it. Is your whole metatarsal dropped downwards towards the ground or is it too long? I can understand how either condition would cause pain under a metatarsal head and my new doctor fully explained the mechanics of the problem I was having.

I have a pin sticking out of my 2nd and 3rd toes but that is because of PIP joint fusions in both toes although in my 2nd toe the pin is also stabilizing the surgically fractured metatarsal. She may have used a different fixation device on the metatarsal if she wasn't fusing the PIP joint in my toe as well as shortening the metatarsal.

I hope what I wrote makes sense to you. I have a rather complicated foot history but at least I understand what has been explained to me by my present doctor. It certainly has been a nightmare for me but not everyone has that much bad luck. Like I said before, I do hope you can avoid foot surgery but if not, I hope you have a really good surgeon. You have seen a lot of doctors about your foot haven't you?

Take care! Hope to hear from you soon! :wave: [/COLOR]

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