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I can't stand cold water but I'll try it. I use the hot water because it makes a tingle feeling. And it stops the pain for a little. I also use one of these foot massagers with water. That helps a lot.

Also one more thing, two of my on the left foot goes numb from time to time. They are not cold.It is a strange feeling. Has anyone every had this happen? What is it from?
[QUOTE=kenziebrei]Hi, Does anyone know what this is. I have this pain on the ball of my foot (left). It has hurt for a month or two. It feels like I'm stepping on a knife, or a knife is going though the bone on my foot. I can't go bare foot in the house. Shoes hurt my foot. When I'm not on my foot, it is aches. I have been using hot water to soak my foot in. Cause it is the only the to make it feel better. I see a podiatrists next Tuesday. I was wondering if anyone would know what this is. Or what they will do when I go.

Also I broke my toe (little one) this past summer. But this is the next 2 toes up from it.

Thanks[/QUOTE] you have mortons neuroma in your foot it sounds like. it is a beign tumor that grows around the nerves in the ball of your foot around the middle toes. I had it just as you describe and they finally after a year of muscle relaxers, foot inserts, shots in the foot, did surgery.. surgery is the best way to go . they go in through the top of the foot and make about an inch and a half incision and surgically remove the tumor, and the only thing it does is stop the pain and your two middle toes will be numb for the rest of your life as they have to cut the nerves. but I dont even notice it at all . the surgery is not easy. you are miserable for a couple weeks after cant walk on it. I had to wear a cast for 6 weeks, but it was well worth it to not be in that stabbing pain anymore. if you have any questions let me know.

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