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15 days post op....

I feel virtually no pain in my left foot at all, only every now and then again. The incision is a very clean cut and the swelling is hardly anything. In fact, if you just don't look at the cut, you can't even really tell that I had anything done with the foot. My left bunion was moderate, but much more leaning towards mild compared to the right.

My right foot however almost constantly hurts. It hurts under the toes, particularly the toe next to the big toe, due to the swelling. My cut is not nearly as clean, in fact it looks a little mangled and the skin just feel irriatated. The foot is a lot more swollen and looks a lovely combo of green, black and blue.

There are definitely times that I feel worse than other days. Today is a good day thankfully but the pain is still there.

I know all to well about the twinges you're feeling, although I get that mostly in my right foot. I'm kinda thinking that the more severe the bunion was, the more painful the recovery is.

I am getting around quite a bit with the wheelchair (and footrests to keep my foot elevated). With it, I've been able to feel like a normal, cleaning, etc. I do need to take breaks from that though b/c it's better really to have the foot elevated above the heart.

Oh, and if I'm my feet for more than 10-15 minutes, they swell badly! That will put me on the couch for a few more hours. Isn't it frustrating?!?

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