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My incision was never a problem (now 4 weeks postop Austin w/pin), it is 4 inches long on the top of my big toe and a thin red slightly raised line. I had subcuticular stitches - much better cosmetic result than the regular kind supposedly. I do have a lot of extra scar tissue where the pin was; my doctor said it was the most she has ever seen (great, yeah); the pin was really painful the whole time it was in (3-4 weeks).

the big toe "drifting" back is also my concern - now improved after I "fixed" it (see my previous posts) and wearing my ace bandage wrapped pretty tightly and wrapped to "splint" the big toe (I have not changed it since my doctor put it on last week and scared me w/ her warnings).
Again I think it is the supporting soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) w/ their "memory" of the bunion, also altered foot mechanics that contributed to the bunion in the first place (like having flat feet, overpronating, or tight calf muscles, like I just read online somewhere), that will cause reformation of the bunion.
My problem is hypermobility (I was told I have very loose ligaments, I am very flexible). This other doctor told me that 30% of bunions will recur (don't have specifics of time interval though). That's why I was asking about regulators and splints to wear after surgery as "preventive" supports (I ordered one in the mail to try), as the healing process will be at least a few months more even while wearing regular shoes
also if the doctor does not do a tendon release on the big toe (toward the 2nd toe) and tighten the joint capsule on the other side of the big toe (toward the other foot), the bunion will tend to recur

I wish I had known this site and researched the internet before my surgery as much as I am doing now about bunions, b/c I have learned a lot now!

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