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I'm right there with you on that 4 week post-op schedule! I am exactly 4 weeks post-op today on my right foot bunionectomy. God bless those of you who had the bilateral--I know it's tough.

I felt so much better this past week than the week before. I am able to stand for much longer before my foot is "screaming". I'm driving, too, although I try to stay off the interstate and really busy streets. I am doing "two footed driving", as the doctor told me not to brake with my right foot.

I am wearing the toe spacer with a sock over it and the infamous "blue shoe" . I know last time I wore the blue shoe until week 7. Yesterday, at Sam's, I tried on some Birkenstock clogs and I couldn't even get my right foot in one. It is still swollen definitely. I know with my left foot surgery last May, I ended up wearing an extra wide tennis shoe as my first pair of shoes and even that was uncomfortable.

As a bit of advice to those of you who have not had the foot surgery before...if your healing is very very slow, as I felt mine was last year..ask your doctor about physical therapy. Mine never suggested it to me, but I have a friend who is a PT and she told me to come in and she worked on my foot and it was wonderful. When I was 4 months post-op, my foot was still stiff and swollen and the PT helped that so much. Some orthopaedics don't believe in PT for some reason (or for very few cases). Just something to keep in mine if you're still feeling stiffness after a reasonable amount of time.

Take care!
PMCW (Paula)
right foot bunionectomy 1/6/04
left foot 5/03

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