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Hi carlymae,

As you may know if you've been reading our posts, you've hit on a very hotly contested issue on this Board. Many of us believe that having two bunionectomies done at the same time is, as one person's surgeon put it "inviting complications." The complication rate is higher for double bunionectomies, largely because everybody wants and needs to walk as soon as possible and you can wind up putting pressure on the better of the two compromised feet before it's ready. There are a few people here who've had success with it, but very few that I've heard of. In my view it's clearly not the ideal way to go, but many people do it because they feel they can't spare the time off for a second round for whatever reason. My philosophy is that you've only got two feet and if you mess them up you can give yourself lifelong problems. Jobs (as important as they are) will come and go but your feet are even more important and foot complications are very difficult to repair successfully.

About healing slower at your age: don't you believe it. I'm 55 and after my right bunionectomy in November (my left will follow in a few months) my orthopedic surgeon was astonished at how quickly I healed--and he's not an easy man to astonish. I'm sure the Boost calcium and protein supplements I took alternately for 3 weeks, following my doctor's recommendations and possibly divine intervention didn't hurt. In any event, the bone "closed" immediately after surgery and mended perfectly. You don't have to be a kid to heal quickly after this surgery, you just need to take good care of your foot, so don't feel you have to rush into anything. Just my take on this; good luck on your decision and I hope this helps.


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