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There are prescription medicines available (usually through a podiatrist or family doctor) that might knock out the fungus. The trouble with them is that they are not 100% effective; actually more like 75% effective at best. In addition, some can actually damage your liver. My husband took a course of treatment which they followed with a liver function test. He was fine, but it's very strong stuff.

Recently, someone on this board (my apologies to the original poster, but I've forgotten your name) suggested Vick's Vaporub applied to the base of the toenails. Since I didn't want to risk the side effects of another course of treatment for him, I passed along that suggestion to my husband, who has been using it nightly ever since. In just a few weeks his big toenail started growing in clear and is, at this point, about half way grown in--perfectly normal. He's thrilled. It's taking a little longer to see results on 2 other toes, on which he's had a more stubborn problem. It does take a while, but the good news is it seems to be working and I'm guessing Vick's is never gonna damage anybody's liver. Might be worth a try. And BTW, my thanks to the original poster.

I had a toenail fungus over two years ago and I took an oral prescription. I think it was Lamisil. It can cause organ damage (liver, maybe?) so you have to get a blood test before taking it and then every month while taking it so they can monitor you and make sure you aren't reacting negatively.
And would you believe the damaged part of the nail STILL hasn't grown out all the way? It is my big toenail and I guess it grows very slowly.

But for me it wasn't just a matter of the nail looking funky. It had loosened from the nail bed and it hurt.

It is expensive though. I only had a $5 co-pay, but if I remember correctly, the receipt said full price was over $500. :eek:

Good Luck. I hope you find a treatment that works for you if you decide not to take the pills. I will be following this thread to see what everyone else suggests.
Personally I wanted to go for the big guns rather than try non-prescription treatments that might not work.


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