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Today is Wednesday, Monday I noticed that my toes (in both feet) were tingling - like they had fallen asleep. Well, the tingling is continuing and becoming more constant. The toes of both feet tingle and the bottom of my foot around the ball has a bit of a burning sensation. I do not have diabeties - my last physical was in December and my blood sugar was very normal - in fact, just about everything was normal; however, 2 weeks ago I had an abcessed tooth pulled (took antibiotics for the infection) and on Saturday I spend about 75 minuted sitting on a hard gym floor at my daughter's Odyssey of the Mind tournament. I am 42 and female. Don't know what to do but am feeling pretty scared. Am unemployed right now - no insurance so cannot afford to visit my doctor but am getting so scared that I feel I may have too - Oh! I also suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder and this is definately not helping! Any feedback would be most welcome!

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