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I noticed mine way back in hi school. I"m 45 now. I remember hating the bumps on the side of my feet. I asked my mom about them and she said they won't go away. They weren't really bad, and they aren't bad now. At least the one I still have, the other one was surgeried away.

I know it was caused by shoes that were too small. I insisted on wearing shoes that were too small when I was in hi school. A vanity thing. Plus I have naturally wide feet and a lot of shoes don't come in wide, so if I wanted to wear what all of my friends were wearing....well, it hurt like h**l.
And when I say they weren't bad, I mean visually.
But the pain went away when I was able to bring myself to wear the right size, although width was still a problem.

Then they started hurting again a couple of years ago and rapidly became more painful. Visually they hadn't gotten much worse, or at least I don't think so, but it IS a slow progression so maybe I just got used to it.
My primary care Dr didn't even want to authorize a visit to a podiatrist, because they didn't look that bad. But I insisted that they hurt all the time and I at least wanted a consultation.
The rest is history. I had the right foot done this past Sept and the left is coming up on March 22. I'm so eager to have this over with and to have two healthy, strong feet.


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