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Hi angel, I'm glad you found my comments helpful. Now, you have a slightly different problem than me, I have flat feet and hypermobility. Yes, all of my joints are loose. My knee can pop out of joint if I sit cross-legged, and my elbows and knees hyperextend. I tell you, three weeks of having to prop my foot up post-surgery has given me a very sore knee, because if it isn't supported just right the ligaments give out. this test. If you can easily bend your thumb forwards all the way to the wrist, you are probably loosey-goosey and need to be careful.

Yes, get the orthotics. Here in Canada there are sportsmed centres that do custom orthotics. They cast your feet in plaster, then create a hard molded plastic thingy that holds your foot in a proper position. Maybe your arch is so high because you pronate (place your weight on the outside edge of your foot) and a custom orthotic would correct that. That could be one of the reasons your knees hurt. My orthotics have a very rigid arch because I have none in my foot, and they hold my heel in a good position. Every person is different.

I started getting foot pain in high school and only had my surgeries recently (40ish). However, the last 10 years have been really bad. I would get plantar fasciitis, had heel spurs, bad calluses, would get tendonitis on the [I]top[/I] of my foot (bet no one here has had that!) and wore running shoes and didn't want to move from the burning pain in the ball of my toe. Unfortunately, my work depends on being able to move around in any kind of shoe (I'm an actor/dancer). Hard to give a number to the severity of the pain: it could be fine (2) one minute, then be a raging 8 the next. That's what was so frustrating. And the pain moved around my foot - big toe, then arch, then between my toes.

My surgical history with my podiatrist: two chevron osteotomies with tendon lengthening and shaving down the bump. After my first surgery I knew something was wrong because I couldn't move my big toe. Ultrasound and MRIs revealed that the tendon he lengthened had just snapped, so he went back in and grafted it. Now my big toe will not move up at all, and the joint is almost fused. I thought this was simply bad luck and had the next foot done. He undercorrected it, the bunion came back. I realized this podiatrist was no good and started a letter and fax-writing campaign to the best foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in the region, who saw me within a month (normally would take up to two years). I screamed bloody murder, and I was listened to. The squeaky wheel approach worked. He is going to work on the other foot next.

I hope to be pain-free in another year. You mentioned a cream you were given. I found good old-fashioned Aspercreme worked somewhat. You undoubtedly have inflammation, and any sort of anti-inflammatory might work: aspirin or ibuprofen.

You know what I would do if I were you? Do a search on the web and see if there are any foot and ankle clinics near you. They are generally very progressive and are up on the newest procedures. It sounds like your podiatrist isn't helpful. Or go back to the orthopedic surgeon and ask him what he would do. You can just say "What is my diagnosis?", don't be intimidated. It sounds like you have several problems going on at once, and you probably need a combination of things. But get those orthotics!

Sorry to run on, I hope it was useful. I'm fired up because I've seen what damage some doctors can do and I know how wonderful others are. Keep looking for answers, I know you'll find them.

Linda (not Lisa!)

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