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hi, i think i went through exactly what you're about to go through...i had my first bunion surgery 3/12 and my second one on 3/26. I just came back to work yesterday (I had worked from home the past 3 weeks) and although there is some swelling, and it's a pain because my commute is 1.5 hours long (not to mention all the speedy new yorkers whizzing by me on the streets), the actual pain isn't too bad (I have a desk job too). I was able to bear weight after 3 days of each surgery (I did ask my doc why some ppl on this board go 6 weeks with no weight bearing and he said it's a different surgery - they cut the bone farther down the foot so it's less stable). I had velcro shoes - no splint. Hm, I'm trying to remember everything I went through because our situations seem so similar... Although my recovery seems to be going a lot more smoothly than some others on this board, like others have said, this isn't an easy surgery...a couple days off work might not be enough... especially when you have the second one done. But as of now, I am happy with my feet even though they're all scabby and bruised looking right now :P it just takes time. I would say take 3-4 weeks off (counting the second foot) and do ice/elevate a lot in the beginning. let me know if you have any questions!

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