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OUCH! sounds painful!

You definately need to go to a doctor as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!! I had one that I let go for over a year. ( I know, I was pretty stupid, but I hate going to the doctor! :eek: ) It got severely infected. It was swollen, bloody, and full of puss (I know, pretty gross)
Luckily the Doctor was able to take care of it. He cut out the side of the nail and put me on antibiotics. Once the nail was gone things healed up fairly quickly. Since ingrown nails have a nasty habit of returning the doctor will probably want to have you come back to have it permanently taken care of once the nail is all healed. I was stupid again and I didn't go back when I was supposed to. The nail ended up growing back and getting infected again. You think I would have learned by then, but I didn't. The big toe on my other foot ended getting infected too.

Now I have ten healthy teonails. I finally got the last one taken care of last year on Halloween.

Please go to the doctor (a podiatrist) right away! If the infection spreads to the bone then it will cause major problems and you don't want that to happen!!!!

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