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OK, first of all, did recent x-rays show that the toe has deviated from the straight-on position that they pinned it in during the surgery? (end of big toe bone butted flat onto 1st metatarsal). At 3 months I was very concerned too that my toe was "creeping" back into bunion position, but the x-ray showed the joint as totally straight. Because of all my complaining, the doctor gave me a soft splint & toe spacers to wear at night, but as soon as I put a shoe on, my toe bent over again. I quit using the splint. My x-ray shows that the bone on the tip of my big toe is slightly curved & that is what causes the bend. Not to worry, according to the doc; many people have that curve & it has nothing to do with bunions. As for the continued pain & swelling, I am at 4 months now & still have that. I was told it takes 12 months to fully recover from a bunionectomy and that I will have some swelling at least until 6 or 8 months. Basically I was told the same as you: there's nothing to be done for it but time will heal. I hope your problem & mine will go away with time. Give it 3 months for sure & good luck!

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