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If the pain is constantly bothering you,
If you quality of life is suffering (you can't do the things you love to do)
then yes--surgery can be considered...your doc will discuss this

Healing does take awhile.
And you - with small children - this would be quite an ordeal.
You will need help for many many weeks I would believe.
I don't think 4-6 weeks off work for bunion surgery is abnormal.
and you being a teacher - this could be very interesting.

Not too many have faired poorly I don't believe after bunion surgery - it has helped me (both feet)
but your situation is quite different than most.
Perhaps there are some temporary time-buyers - cortisone, wider toe box shoes-perhaps an orthotic setup that takes more pressure off the big toe---doc will discuss this with you. They will all be temporary.
The only real fix for a bunion in the long run - is surgery..
good luck - we will surely be thinking of you :)


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