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so glad to hear that you're at about 99% now :) i'm at about 3 months double bunionectomy/hammertoes and i'm slooowly getting there... i see some improvement but my toes are still pretty sore and it still hurts to bend some of them. hopefully PT and time will help as i go. just curious, do you remember how you were at about 3 months? and were you able to fit into your shoes? i'm looking forward to the 4 month/5 month mark![/QUOTE]

I'm awaiting approval to have "salvage" surgery done to correct 2 botched foot surgeries (both sesemoids removed and now hammertoe in great toe has formed). After being unable to find a dr. in DC who can refer me to their success story patients, I feel that Mayo may be my best resource. Anyone had good/bad results with Mayo? Am I being naive about thinking they are "the best" in the business? Your thoughts please. thanks, jojo

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