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I just went to my doc for a 3 month are some updates and issues/questions i have...

1. i am still having pain bending a couple of my toes that had hammertoes done on it...he said it's ok for the toes to not be able to bend as much as before, but it's not ok if there's still pain...which i agree...but he said if the pain is still there after 2 weeks, he's going to give me a cortisone shot. my concern with this is from all the 'horror' stories on this thread about these shots. how come these shots are supposed to get rid of pain but make you end up with more pain/problems? can anyone give me more advice on this cortisone stuff?

2. i'm having a little bit of heel pain on my left foot (the doc suggested the same solution as above)

3. i have a screw in my right foot on the bunion site that needs to be taken out. it's making walking a little painful on that foot - doc says that should be fixed when we take the screw out. i just need to tell him when i'm ready. so what's "ready"? would it be ok to take it out now (at 3 months)? or should i wait a bit longer?

4. i have the beginnings of athlete's foot apparently....i've never had problems with sweaty feet, but now it seems to be happening often. any thoughts out htere on this? also, if i put the cream that the doc prescribed and it disappears, what are the odds of it returning?

5. i've been going to PT about 4 weeks now, and when i asked my doc if i should continue, he said it's up to me... i think it's helped a lot, but not sure how much of a difference it'll be at this point if i keep doing the home exercises... how long is "normal" for PT?

i know this is a lot, but i would really appreciate any input/comments about any of these things... i'm slowly getting there, but it seems like at every corner there are new questions that keep popping up. thanks!

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