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I had just started to have bunion pain when I had my bunion surgery. It (the pain) started about 5 - 6 months before, though I'd had the bunion all my life. It was a feeling of mild burning or aching around the bunion area, or around the outer arch of the foot. It would come and go, and did not bother me a lot to be honest...I had the surgery because I was advised it would get worse from here on in. And in fact, even in those six months, the pain did get more frequent.

I should add, while I had only this sort of "pain" in normal soft shoes like sneakers, I did have an entirely different sort of pain in dress shoes, or any kind of shoes that were a little tight (like new shoes not yet broken in). In those shoes my feet would really start to kill after an hour or so. There would be throbbing in the bone joints, and sometimes sharp pains. Under those circumstances, the pain was there all along. I rarely even think of that, though, because I hardly ever wore those sorts of shoes.

Having just had the surgery the day before yesterday, I can't tell you what the foot feels like now. However, after a day and a half post op, as of a few hours ago, all the swelling disappeared and I'm feeling relatively great. No postoperative discomfort whatsoever right now! So things are looking promising.

Hope this helps.

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