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Hi, I'm Linda, I was reading the message boards with interest. 6 wks ago now I had my second (yes, second) lapidus done on my right foot, the first one being done last May, (with non union) This time round I had bone taken from my hip and put into my foot with a plate and 2 screws. I was in a plastercast for 2 wks and then that was removed and stitches taken out and a removable plaster shoe with velcro fastening for easy removal when bathing. 6 wks on I am still in considerable pain, with achiness, numbness, just feels so weird its kinda hard to explain really... anyway I would like to know if anyone has had this kind of surgery and they too have the same problems at this stage, is it normal to be in pain after 6 wks, does it mean it is not healing (again). I am just so worried. I go back to the hospital this coming Friday and hopefully have x.rays to see if it is healing properly. But nontheless i am still very concerned and worried, I have been off work 6 mths now and this is getting me down. If anyone can reasure me etc, please [ [B]removed [/B] ]. Thanking you in anticipation.


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