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My big toe has somehow become infected. I'm guessing it was from an ingrown toe nail. It was pretty sore to the touch about 10-15 days ago, but improved dramatically after trimming the part of the nail that appeared to be causing the problem and soaking in warm water with Epsom Salt.

However, now it appears that the toe is infected under the middle of the nail. It slowly drains a yellowish fluid and the nail has become loose. In fact the nail is about 2/3 off. The left side of the nail (where the original problem started) is now detached, but held firmly in place still by the right side of the nail.

Thankfully it's not terribly sore. (Maybe a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.) I've begun soaking it again once a day in warm water with Epsom Salt, but was wonder if there is something else I should be soaking it in.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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