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Hi, all -
I'm new to this chat board stuff but have picked up all sorts of useful information by reading your comments over the past few weeks.
I have major arthritis in the first metatarsal-cuneiform joint of my left foot along with what the doc called a "big" bone spur on top of the foot. He's going to go in and remove the spur, clean out the arthritis and fuse the joint. He said it's sort of like bunion surgery (except in my case the "bunion" is on top of my foot instead of on my big toe), and from what I can tell, it's a variation on the Lapidus procedure -- 6-8 weeks non-weight-bearing in a cast and all that stuff, which I'm not worried about. I've been seeing this guy for assorted aches and pains for 20 years, and this is the first time he's suggested surgery, so I know he's not knife-happy. And our daughter's a physical therapist and thinks this is a good idea, so that's making me feel better about the whole thing.
I understand that the first few days will be miserable and that I'll need to take it real easy until he takes out the sutures on the 14th day. What I'm looking for is what it'll be like after that. I'm a newspaper editor and spend most of my work time at a desk, and I can work a lot at home thanks to e-mail and the Internet, so I'm assuming that I can do at least some work after those first two weeks. If I'm crazy, would someone please let me know??
Also, at the end of the 6-8 weeks, do they take the cast and crutches and tell you to go forth and dance, or (more likely) is there a gradual process of working back to normal life? How long??
Thanks -

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