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I'm scheduled to have surgery for bunions in early December, and at my latest doctor visit (he's a podiatrist), he mentioned that I could have both feet done at once. I was surprised by this, as other people I have talked to (including a former patient of his whom he put me in touch with) said that it is unusual to get both feet done at once. While he didn't push me to get both feet done at once, he said I was young and healthy and likely to recover quickly (I'm 27), and that the surgery itself is relatively minor so I'll be able to put pressure on my heels. Also, this all feels like I'm deciding at the last minute, since we're talking just a couple weeks now until the surgery date - is this unusual in itself?

I admit I love the idea of "getting it over with" and having just one recovery period, but am greatly concerned about that said recovery period. I was wondering if any of you had considered getting both feet done at once, or if you did it, and what your opinions are about it. Luckily I've arranged to be able to be at home for at least a month post-surgery but I'm not sure if I'm overlooking. I also will have access to a wheelchair, but I'm not sure if I will need crutches or be able to use them. Any opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
I had bunion surgery on both feet at the same time 14 months ago and have no regrets. Bunion surgery takes a long process to return to normal. I had my double bunionectomy on 8/28/03. I thought by Thanksgiving I would be walking normal like nothing had happened. But it wasn't until 4 to 5 months post op that I began to walk close to normal. At 9 months post op, I was 99.5 %. I can now wear dress shoes comfortably even though I would not want to wear shoes with heels over 1 inch. Here is the recap of my recovery progress if anyone is interested:

Post op:
3 days -on pain medication.
5 days -was mobil on hands and butt for bathroom trips; it was more stable than crutches.
4 weeks- was told by doctor that I could walk but couldn't even stand up
8 weeks- started walking with walker
9.5 week- resumed driving
3 months- physical therapy, ankles hurting
4 months- resumed daily walk to the park
6 months to 9 months- more improvement each day
12 months- marathon....just kidding

It is well worth doing both feet at the same time. I had great help from my husband during recovery. I did not have small children to take care of; my youngest is 16. I borrowed a wheelchair for going out--post op appointments, restaurant, etc.

You can use the wheel chair inside the house if you have room to maneuver, but an office chair with wheels is a great help if you have tile or wood floor. A skate board or the type auto mechanic uses is also great to scoot around. Scooting with your hands and butt is easy even if there is a house fire. You are actually closer to the ground, escaping the smoke.

Time is of essence in the surgery recovery process. So be patient.

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