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Hi there,

I had a double bunionectomy January 2004, and wanted to give an update on how my surgery has been. I'm also hoping that any of ya'll who went through this during that time will see this thread and let me know how you are doing.

My feet are perfectly aligned now. My scar tissue is raised and quite numb on the scar and surrounding areas. It feels funny at times, particularly when I'm swimming! I can pretty much wear any kind of shoe that I want to now and can exercise/walk/run with no problems. Just because I can wear any kind of shoe though does not mean that I do. I refuse to wear tight fitting shoes, as I do not want my bunions to reoccur.

I do sometimes have throbbing sensations when I am standing for long periods of time, like when I'm taking a shower for example. I got pregnant soon after the surgery and that extra weight sure didn't help. I delivered a healthy 8 and a half pound baby boy since, and my feet don't throb nearly as much now.

Just today I decided to start using Mederma as my scars are very noticeable and raised. I don't really care that you can see the scars, but I would like them to flatten some, and hopefully not feel as tingly. more big right toe is halfway numb, which is an annoyance!

My feet didn't hurt all that much before the bunion surgery, and to be honest, if I knew then what I knew now, I probably would not have gotten the surgery. I went into it very naively, and thankfully had a wonderful husband who helped me get through it. I'm glad I have straight feet now, but the tingly sensations and the fact that my feet still throb when I stand on them for long periods do get to me sometimes.

I hope to hear from others that I "know" from last year and hope to hear good things from you guys.

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