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Fractured Toe
Mar 7, 2005
Last Tuesday, I stumped my toes on a kitchen chair....thinking the pain would go away, I just dealt with it. Still in pain on Friday, I decided to have it checked and my primary dr. couldn't see me, so I went to the ER...they did an x-ray and the dr said it was just bruised.

Before I got home from the ER, the dr had called and left a message saying that a radiologist looked at the x-ray and the base of my 4th toe was fractured...he referred me to see an orthopedic dr. Now I'm waiting on that appointment.

Tomorrow will be 7days since this happened, the pain and swelling of the last 3 toes and forefront of my foot is still there. I can't bear any weight on my foot, have to walk on my heel... I can't wear a shoe or even put a sock on, the pain is so bad. My foot is also very red and numb and yesterday bruises starting showing up on my foot around the bottom of my second toe (that part of my foot doesn't hurt)... I was wondering how long does it take for a fracture to get well and how long does the pain usually last? Is it really necessary to see an orthopedic dr for this type of injury?

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